Salient Change and New Features in Windows 8 RTM


Salient Change & New Features in Windows 8 RTM
We have seen operating systems processing a little bit more in every subsequently-released package since the release of Developer's Preview of Windows 8. But this time we need to get extra information that makes sure everything related to learning about Windows 8 is covered. Microsoft has released the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) version of Windows 8 for the user; that is, the final version is available that is the public (for all users) version. The RTM version also comes without any wondering, just like the Consumer Preview and Release Preview. And also add some new apps and facelift, like the new Bing App, Personalization Tattoos, interface revamped of the People app, etc.

Personalization Tattoos

Before the RTM versions, the released previous versions only provided options to customize the background color because until now only a few designs were available. But now we can change the look and background of your Start Screen by using the Personalization Tattoos onto the Start Screen. And also used in combination with the background color feature. For obtaining many background choices use two options.

New App For Bing

The RTM version has a new app for Bing. With tiles and horizontal scrolling, it is designed to be congruence with all the other elements of the operating system. It displayed search results in a neat and tiled pattern, and several horizontal scrolling removes the need to click for opening the new page. Just like the same image results page in Google.
Some important features, like directions for a particular place, can take more app-specific that take out of the Bing app. For example, you have to open the Maps app instead of searching through Bing for a direction change.

Search Enabled In Windows Store

To search for an app in Windows Store, you need to open the Start Screen, then enter your search, Windows Store to view the apps related query. In the RTM version, the search function has also spread to the Windows Store, which means you can also search inside the Windows Store. For this, you need to go to the Start Screen first.


New Interface For People App

The revamped interface in the new feature adds in Windows 8 RTM and it looks better organized than the previous versions. Instead of the Me and What's New tab sections of the app, now there is a separate page for accounts connected. The Me page contains your own picture and updates notifications related to your connected accounts, whereas the What's New page displays your friends and updates together.

Aero Glass Effect Removed

This feature was first introduced in Windows Vista and now in the RTM release, this feature is in Windows 8. For this option, your desktop looks very neat. But still, it is possible to differentiate among multiple open windows; the edges of selected windows are colored, whereas others are greyed out. For this change, the operating system is better optimized for tablets.


In this article, we learned about Salient Change and New Features in Windows 8 RTM.