How to Change the AutoPlay Settings on Windows 8 PC


It is familiar to us that when a USB stick is inserted into the USB port on your PC then a pop-up window is shown. This pop-up window is known as AutoPlay. This pop-up window allows us to choose various options, like open the files and folders, play the videos, configure the drive for back up or to take no action, etc. The AutoPlay pop-up window looks like.
Autiplay-popup-in-window 8.jpg
So in this article, we will learn how to change the autoplay options on your PC according to your requirements. 

How to open the auto-play settings on your Windows 8 PC?

Step 1
First of all, we have to move on to the Start screen window of Windows 8.
Step 2
Then move the cursor on the bottom-right of the window screen and click the search box which is helpful to search in Windows 8.
search-in-windows 8.jpg
Step 3 
Then in the search box type "AutoPlay" and click on the Settings tab from the right sidebar then click AutoPlay in the main window.
autoplay-setting-in-windows 8.png
Step 4
On performing this action the AutoPlay window opens. Now just go through all the options and enable or disable them according to your needs and click on save once you have made changes.
autoplay-options-in-windows 8.png.jpg
Step 5
To clear all the options of the AutoPlay settings you set, select "Reset all defaults" as shown below in the screenshot.
result-autoplay-in-windows 8.png


In this article, we learned about How to Change the AutoPlay Settings on Windows 8 PC.