Change the Look and Feel (Themes) in SharePoint 2013 Online

In this article, I would like to share the procedure to change the look and feel in a SharePoint 2013 site.

Themes Overview

  • Themes provide a quick and easy way to apply lightweight branding to a SharePoint 2013 site.
  • SharePoint 2013 added a composed look to a site, it provides several pre-built looks and feels in the SharePoint UI.
  • In SharePoint 2013, you can apply a theme to a site, and then preview it before committing the changes.
  • Predesigned collections of web page elements, such as fonts, color schemes, layout, and background pictures are available in SharePoint 2013.
  • You can change the theme of a site easily and any number of times.

Procedure to change the look of a SharePoint site

Use the following procedure to change the theme in your SharePoint site.

Step 1: Open your site and go to the “settings” from your site. Select the “site settings” as shown below:

Step 2: When you click on the site settings, you will be navigated to the site settings page as shown below:

Step 3: Then choose the "Change the look" option from the “Look and feel” section as shown below.

Step 4: When you select “Change the Look”, you will be navigated to the Change the look page. On that page you can see a number of default themes as shown below.

Step 5: Then you can select a theme as your wish. I selected the blossom theme.

Step 6: When you select the theme you will get the “Try it out” option and “Start Over” option as shown below.

"Try it out" will redirect to set the theme on your site
"Start Over" will return to the “Change the look” page to modify the theme.

Step 7: After you select the “Try it out” option, you can see the preview of your site. On the same page you can confirm your theme.

Step 8: Then click on the “Yes, Keep it” option to set the theme on your site as shown below.

Finally the theme will be applied to your site successfully.

Shortcut to change the look

You can change the theme from your home page as well. Click on the “What’s your style?“ from get started with your site part on the home page,

When you click on the “What your style? “, you will get the “Change the Look“ page. Then you can proceed from Step 4.


Themes overview for SharePoint 2013


In this article we have explored how to change the look of SharePoint 2013. I hope that now you can change the look of your SharePoint 2013 site.