Launch The SharePoint List Forms on Dialog

SharePoint list has the following three type of forms:

  • DispForm
  • NewForm
  • Editform

By default SharePoint list forms are opening as a page, but we can have the option to open the forms on Dialog.

Figure 1: Form


The following are the steps to change the list forms to dialog.

Step 1: Open SharePoint List on your site.

Figure 2 : Sample List

Step 2: Select List option from the ribbon bar to go to the list settings as in the following screenshot:

Figure 3: Ribbon Bar

Step 3: Click the List Settings on the ribbon bar.

Figure 4: List Setting

Step 4: On the List settings page select the Advanced settings option.

Figure 5: Advanced settings

Step 5: Then scroll down the advanced settings page, you will get the following options as in the following screenshot:

Figure 6: Setting

Step 6: Check the “yes” on advanced settings page to open the form on dialog.

Figure 7: Check yes

Step 7: Click “Ok” to save the settings.

Figure 8: Click OK

Finally your list forms will open in dialog as in the following screenshot:

Figure 9: Final List


In this article we explored how to open SharePoint NewForm, Dispform and Editform in dialog.