Manually Re-Index The List In SharePoint

Without coding we can do the re-index of SharePoint List, Document library.

What is Re-index?

In SharePoint Online, content is automatically crawled based on a defined crawl schedule. The crawler picks up content that has changed since the last crawl and updates the index. In some cases, you may want to manually request crawling and full re-indexing of a site, a document library, or a list.


Here are the steps to re-index the SharePoint list,

Step 1: Open list in SharePoint site,

list in SharePoint site

Step 2: Then select the List from the ribbon bar as in the following screenshot:

ribbon bar

Step 3: On the ribbon click on the “List Settings” to go to the advanced list settings.

List Settings

Step 4: Then you will navigate to list settings page as in the following screenshot:

list settings page

Step 5: Click on “Advanced Settings” in list settings page,

Advanced Settings

Step 6: On Advanced Settings page click on the “Re-index List” button

click on the Re index List

Step 7: Then you will get the popup as in the following screenshot:

Re- index List

Step 8: Click on the “Re-index List” button on the pop up.

pop up

Your SharePoint list will be re-indexed successfully, then Click “Ok” to navigate the settings page.

navigate the settings page


In this article we have explored how to Re-index the list in SharePoint Online without any code. I hope this article is useful for who are learning to start the SharePoint Search.