Customize SharePoint 2010 Blog Post

In this article I am describing how to customize a SharePoint 2010 Blog Post. There are very few articles on customizing SharePoint 2010 blog posts. This article will be useful if you work with SharePoint 2010 blog customization.

Here I am showing how to remove the table column with the post date in it; i.e. I have marked it with a Red circle. It is not as easy as it was in SharePoint 2007. If you open the page in the Designer then you can't see even this control in designer.


1. As the first step you have to open the blog.xsl. You can find the file under the following location:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\XSL


2. Now you have to create a folder in the root of your site using the designer named XSL as shown below


3. You can either copy or paste the file that we take now or create a file named blog.xsl and paste the contents.
Change the name of the file; I used Blogmine.xsl.

4. In SharePoint Designer open up the Post.aspx file; it is under the post list.

5. Then click on the Advanced mode button from the ribbon; if you don't then it won't allow you to edit the page

6. Click on the empty cell where the Post will appear as shown below


7. Click on the "Tag Properties" window of SharePoint Designer on the right side of the screen; locate the property "XslLink" and type in the location of the new XSL file you created above; for me it will be /blog/xsl/blogmine.xsl.
Open your file you just created blogmine.xsl and open it in edit mode. Please search for the code <td class = "ms-leftblogdate"> and remove this entire TD because it was making my design look like this


8. Now check in all your changes.

9. Open the blog in the browser; you can see the changes.