Publishing InfoPath form in share point 2007

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In this article I am showing how to publish a simple InfoPath from in share point. In my coming articles I will show more integration with share point and InfoPath

1. First of all you have to open InfoPath 2007


2. InfoPath will be opened with some default template, as shown below


3. I have selected Sample Asset Tracking.

4. Double click it will open the form


5. If you want to customize it you can do it .I am just showing how to publish it to share point

6. Go to file and select Publish


7. It will ask for saving the form just save it in your local drive

8. From the next screen select the first option as shown below

9. Click Next


10. Give the URL of your web application and click next


11. Select Document library option click Next


12. From the next screen select Create New Document library option click Next


13. Give the name and Description for the new document library


14. Click Next

15. If you want to add content type you can add in the next screen else click next


16. Finally Click Publish


17. You are done now you go to the web application where you published this InfoPath form. You can see one Form library is created with the name Demo


18. If you go the Demo library you can see the form deployed there


19. You can click on the New Document to open the form

20. You can enter the details and can save the form