SQL Azure - Creating New Database in Azure Portal


In this article we are going to see how to create a database from scratch using SQL Azure using the online Azure Management portal.


Before we create a database on the Azure portal, we need to check the availability of the Subscription and then create a new server (Check article on creating new Server in Azure portal). Once we have done that we are on track for creating a database. As in SQL Azure creating a database is something like creating a normal SQL database locally but it will be available in the cloud. Let us see the steps to create a new database.


Log in to the Azure portal using the link below. You will see the screen look similar to below.
Login to the portal using your Microsoft Windows Live credentials with Azure credentials to the management portal and you will see the screen as shown in the screen below:
Now we can see the Menus at the Left bottom of the screen, Select Database menu will navigate to a page where we have the server created as shown in the screen below:
Now we can see a server is ready hosted with a Master database. We can create our own database by doing the steps below.
Click on the CREATE button located at the top Menu bar under database section as shown in the screen below:
It will open a popup as shown in the screen below asking for the Database name and the size of the database. Since its Web edition we have the option to have 1GB as the maximum.
Provide a valid Database Name for your requirement and click on the OK button to move to the next window. Now we can see a new database has been created with a default of 0B as size as shown in the screen below:


In this article we have seen how to create a new database by doing some basic configuration.