SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) - Copy Column Transformations in SSIS


In this article we are going to see how to use the Copy Column transformation inside a package. The Copy Column task helps to copy a column to a destination as and when required to have sync across the environments. Let's jump start to the section on how to do that using a sample package.

To follow my series of articles on SSIS, go through the link below.


Follow steps 1 to 3 on my first article to open the BIDS project and select the right project to work on integration services project. Once the project is created, we will see how to use the Copy Column control. Once you open the project just drag and drop the Copy Column control and a source and destination OLEDB provider control to get and update the column as shown in the screen below.


We have configured the OLEDB source to fetch the data that we are going to make a copy. Now let's configure the Copy Column as shown in the screen below.


Clicking on OK will do the configuration of the copy column control. Now go to the OLEDB Destination control and configure to the correct Column as shown in the screen below.


Once we are done with the configuration Press F5 to build and execute the package. Once the package gets executed successfully your screen looks like below:



So in this article we have seen how to use the Copy Column to transform a copy of a column to the destination for particular columns in a table.

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