Filtered TextBox in Silverlight 3


In this article we will see how we can filter a Textbox on Keyboard inputs. We will see how we can block Numeric input from Keyboard.

Creating Silverlight Project

Fire up Visual Studio 2008 and create a new Silverlight 3 Project. Name it as FilteredTextBox.


Add a TextBox to the Application.

Our aim is to block the Numerical key inputs, so have a event handler for KeyDown for the TextBox and add the following code in place.

void txtNumericFiltered_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)


    switch (e.Key)


        case Key.D0:

        case Key.D1:

        case Key.D2:

        case Key.D3:

        case Key.D4:

        case Key.D5:

        case Key.D6:

        case Key.D7:

        case Key.D8:

        case Key.D9:

            e.Handled = true;






That's it. Run your application to test it.

If you press any numeric value and special characters associated with it won't be typed. Anything else is allowed.

Hope this article helps.