Rotate Captured Video in Windows Store App

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In the last article, we saw how to capture video using webcam in windows store application. In this article, we will see how to rotate the video captured from a webcam in a Windows Store application. If you need to place the video in a corner in your application due to limited space on the screen and since you need to show a rotated video then you can use this technique for rotating the video. Let's see how to rotate a video.
Step 1
Follow the steps given in my last article to create a first video captured application using a webcam.
Step 2
After you created a video capture enabled Windows Store application, add the rotation effect to your application. In the Windows Store, we have two kinds of rotation, one is PreviewRotation and the second is RecordRotation.
Preview Rotation A Preview rotation is for when you need to rotate the captured video while the video is being captured from the webcam or other capture enabled device. If you need to rotate the preview of the video then you can use preview rotation. Preview rotation can be provided using MediaCapture object's SetPreviewRotation method that takes a VideoRotation enumerations value as input and rotates the video.
VideoRotation enumeration can found under the "Windows.Media.Capture.VideoRotation" namespace. The VideoRotation enumeration has values for 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees. For applying PreviewRotation on video use the following line of code.  captureMgr.SetPreviewRotation(VideoRotation.Clockwise90Degrees);
In the above line, we have captureMgr as the MediaCapture object. We called the SetPreviewRotation method of the MediaCapture class to rotate the video while previewing.

Record Rotation

Record rotation is used when we need to rotate the video while recording. When you are recording video in a Windows Store application and need the video to be rotated then you can use Record Rotation. RecordRotation can be applied by calling the SetRecordRotation method of the MediaCapture class that also takes the same enumeration values as input as does Preview Rotation.


In this easy way, we can apply rotation on video in a Windows Store application.