Convert string to char array in C#


The ToCharArray method of the string class converts a string to a character array. The following code snippet creates a string into a char array.

string sentence = "Mahesh Chand";
char[] charArr = sentence.ToCharArray();
foreach (char ch in charArr)

 The ToCharArray method has the following two overloaded forms.

String.ToCharArray() - Copies characters of the string to a unicode character array.
String.ToCharArray(Int32, Int32)  - Copies characters of the substring to a unicode character array.

Here is a complete sample code.

public void StringToCharArray()  
    // Convert string to char array  
    string sentence = "Mahesh Chand";  
    char[] charArr = sentence.ToCharArray();  
    foreach (char ch in charArr)  
    // Convert char array to string  
    char[] chars = new char[10];  
    chars[0] = 'M';  
    chars[1] = 'a';  
    chars[2] = 'h';  
    chars[3] = 'e';  
    chars[4] = 's';  
    chars[5] = 'h';  
    string charsStr = new string(chars);  
    string charsStr2 = new string(new char[]  
    {'T','h','i','s',' ','i','s',' ','a',' ','s','t','r','i','n','g'});  
    Console.WriteLine("Chars to string: {0}", charsStr);  
    Console.WriteLine("Chars to string: {0}", charsStr2);  

 The output looks like the following.


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