Developer Dashboard in SharePoint 2010

Developer dashboard is one of the coolest feature in SharePoint 2010 and loved by the developer community. Developer dashboard can help in diagnosing various issues in a custom code.

Counters in developer dashboard

Per-Thread counters

Gives the following information of current thread with actual values

  • Execution Time
  • SPRequests Allocated
  • Number of SQL queries performed
  • Duration of SQL query
  • Query Text
  • URL
  • Current User
  • Start Time

Pre-Process counters

  • Global Heap Size
  • Total size of all native heaps
  • Native heap count
  • Active native heap count
  • Count of sharepoint operation in progress

Client Counters

  • Page Size

System Counter

  • Machine's available memory
  • Hard Page faults
  • Processor Utilization
  • Heap size of managed memory

How to use Monitor in Code?

Monitoring code is easy very easy with help of developer dashboard. First thing identify the portion of the code need real monitoring and wrap that code SPMonitorScope.

using (new SPMonitoredScope("TestScope"))
//Code which needs to be monitored goes here

Another approach implement ISPScopedPerformanceMonitor Interface in your custom class and use it.

Enabling Developer Dashboard

By default Developer Dash Board is disabled so you need to enable it.

STSADM Command


Power shell Command


C# Code


Developer Dash Board in a custom Page

        Width=16 />
<div id="DeveloperDashboard" class="ms-developerdashboard" />
<SharePoint:DeveloperDashboard runat="server" />

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