How to Encrypt and Decrypt a Password


EncryptByPassPhrase uses the Triple DES algorithm to encrypt the text passed in.

Syntax: ENCRYPTBYPASSPHRASE ('PASSPHRASE',,column_name or 'text')

In this statement, PASSPHRASE specifies the data string to be used to derive an encryption key,and column_name data type shoulb be VarBinary.

Creating a table:

create table login_details(uid integer,username varchar(10),password varbinary(100))

insert into login_details(uid,username,password) values(1,'smith',EncryptByPassPhrase('12','XXX'))
insert into login_details(uid,username,password) values(2,'kennal',EncryptByPassPhrase('12','YYY'))
insert into login_details(uid,username,password) values(3,'staurt',EncryptByPassPhrase('12','ZZZ'))

select * from login_details
Image of login


Encrypted column can be decrypted by using DECRYPTBYPASSPHRASE.

DECRYPTBYPASSPHRASE function takes two arguments one is symentric key and column_name.

select uid,username,DECRYPTBYPASSPHRASE ('12',password) as Password from login_details

image of decrypt......

select uid,username,convert(varchar(10),DECRYPTBYPASSPHRASE ('12',password)) from login_details

image of Convert using decrypt