Custom users profile property in MOSS 2007


Most of the times you need to add custom user properties in MOSS 2007 during implemetation of sharepoint in companies. Here I do have step by step property addition tutorial for MOSS developers.

Note: Click images for bigger images.

Here are some steps for adding user profile property.

  • Go to Shared Services Administration --> SharedService1

  • Under User Profiles and My Sites click on User profiles and properties

  • Click on Add Profile Property

  • Enter property name, description & display name
  • In policy settings set the default privacy setting as per your choice like My Manager, MyWorkGroup, Everyone etc.

    Here I am going to select [Only Me]

  • In Property Import Mapping you can map this property to Active Directory property as well.

    Here I am not going to map it.

  • Now click come back to User profile and properties and click View User Profile

  • Select preferred name

  • Here I am going to put [Tariq Younas] in search

  • Click on it and press Edit

    My profile is open as you can view my AccountName

    Here state is now appeared & it is allowing to show [Only ME]

    Now I am putting and going to Save and close

  • As I entered in State Filed

  • Now Save and close

Now your User Profile Property has been added.