Get Your Raspberry Pi For Window 10


Microsoft has announced that there will be a Windows 10 core free OS available soon for Raspberry PI. Right now it is released as a preview for testing and feedback purposes. Many of you might be thinking to get your own Raspberry Pi (the cheapest computing device).
In this article, I’ll be discussing the models available in the market and what you should choose for your hobby projects. The following is the image of (Early version) Raspberry PI 1 Model B+ showing the details of modules on board.
Figure 1: Raspberry PI Model B+
When the Raspberry Pi initial version was released it had 256 MB RAM and it was targeting the schools and for kids learning projects. This model was supporting VGA cable and 2 USB ports. Then later on 512MB version known as Raspberry PI 1 Model B+ was released with the HDMI interface. But now it has become the base Module for developing IoT (Internet of things) because of its compact size and cheap price. The other competitor of this device is Arduino based Intel Galileo. But the prices don’t match even close though Galileo has its own benefits in terms of extensibility and performance. But Raspberry is a good place to start if you’re new to play with Circuit boards and modules.
If you’re looking to work on Embedded projects then you can choose any of the above. But you must consider the compatible OS you want to choose to run on this device. Here’s a recommended list that shows the comparison of the various OS from big brands. To date the Raspbian is recommended as it is optimized to run on this module. 

Window 10 and Raspberry PI

Recently, the Raspberry PI next-gen has been released with 1 GB RAM and Quad-core processor. This model comes with 4 onboard USB ports making it more extensible. It seems to have much more speed and capabilities to do more with this small computing device. If you visit the above link then you can see the hardware specs and can predict what this module is capable of.
To regard the device capability, Microsoft has come up with Windows 10 Core  (Currently in preview).
If you are planning to have hands-on installing and experiencing the new Windows 10 on Raspberry PI, the recommended version is Raspberry PI 2 Model B. The great thing about its Makers Element14 is that they kept the cost same as the previous device. This makes it more admirable.


Go ahead play, make, and share what’s your experience with this combo. Keep posted for more fun.

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