When Visual Studio 2012 meets ISIS Proteus 7.8 SP2

When Visual Studio 2012 meets ISIS Proteus 7.8 SP2

In this short video I will explain step by step how to communicate a WPF 4.5 simple application to an ATMEGA16 ISIS project. The purpose of the article is to show how to communicate information from your application through RS232 protocol to an ISIS ATMEGA 16 project as a first step then to the hardware in a second step and it is doable easily may be more than you can imagine. So you have to just follow those steps described in the video bellow that I published a couple of days ago.


You can find the source code of the embedded microchip which is an ATMEGA 16 in the attached usart2.txt file.

You can also consult the datasheet of the related microchip which you can find in the below link


to explore further the way you program your  ATMEGA16 for more interesting  things.

You can use WINAVR to flash the HEX file into to the AVR micro controller  and it is a downloaded for free from this site

http://winavr.sourceforge.net/ me personally I used VSMSTUDIO


to flash the code into the AVR and here is a video where I explain step by step how to do so


You can also try it for real  by the way. In this case you need an ISP (In System Programming) programmer and it works!!! Perfectly!!! It lets you going beyond the screen of your PC to the embedded staff.

You can create a DIY homemade one for pretty no cost. All you need you just follow those steps described in the link bellow


Or you can do as I deed and test it on a breadboard as in this picture


so that it only costs  you the electronics devises.

Good dotneting  ; )

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