Here, you can learn the steps involved in Android SDK installation and how to start the Android Emulator in Windows XP.
The RelativeLayout organizes layout components in relation to each other. This provides more flexibility of component positioning than LinearLayouts. The position of a view can be specified relative to sibling elements or in positions relative to the RelativeLayout area.
In this article we will learn how to get started developing Android applications. We will walk through the steps to setup your environment and then create a sample application.

Android Installation Steps

Posted by Sukesh Marla on 8/12/2012 9:11:14 AM
In this article we will learn how to configure Eclipse for developing Android based applications.
In this article I will demonstrate how to create an OpenGL Mono For Android application.
In this article we are going to create an OpenGL Mono for Android application using Visual Studio 2010.

Android Threads and Handlers

Posted by Chintan Rathod on 9/13/2012 11:11:11 PM
This tutorial describes the usage of Threads and Handlers in an Android application. It also covers how to handle the application lifecycle together with threads.
The GridView view mode displays a list of data items by binding data fields to columns and by displaying a column header to identify the field. The column cells and the column header of a GridViewColumn have the same width.
By using text controls in your Android application, we can configure, style, and manipulate the controls in a variety of ways.
Recently I upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Pro and started getting this annoying error message.
Getting Started with Office OneNote MX metro style app on Windows 8.

Windows Azure Mobile Service

Posted by Naren Chejara on 10/2/2012 3:07:22 PM
This article describes Getting Started with Windows Azure Mobile Service.
Tab Layout is used to wrap multiple views in a single window and navigate thought them with a Tab Container. Let's learn in this article how to create and work with the Tab Layout in Mono for Android.
In this article you will learn how to create simple calculator using Mono for Android.
This article shows how you can pass data from one intent to another intent when calling it from a button in Android

Frame by Frame Animation in Android

Posted by Chintan Rathod on 12/27/2011 10:39:18 AM
Flip book concept is taken for this animation. Frames of images are added and at some interval of time, frames are changed.
This video demonstrates what you need to get started with building Office 2013 apps using Visual Studio 2012.
In this article I will get you started with Windows 8 application development.

Getting Started with Expression Blend 4

Posted by Mahesh Chand on 10/12/2010 11:28:46 PM
This video demonstrates how to get started with Microsoft Expression Blend 4 and build a Silverlight 4 application using Visual Studio 2010 and Blend 4.

Getting started with MonoDevelop

Posted by Vaishali Madan on 10/25/2011 11:47:11 PM
MonoDevelop is a free GNOME IDE primarily designed for C# and other .NET languages. MonoDevelop makes it easy for developers to port .NET applications created with Visual Studio to Linux and to maintain a single code base for all platforms.
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