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Autopostback and Ispostback in ASP.NET
Posted By Vineet Kumar Saini on 19 Dec 2011

I'm very confuse in Autopostback and Ispostback property in ? Please explain Autopostback and Ispostback property in with an example ?


Vineet Kumar Saini  WEB Developer
Satyapriya Nayak
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Re: Autopostback and Ispostback in ASP.NET
Posted By Satyapriya Nayak on 19 Dec 2011   Accepted Answer
Hi Vineet,

Autopostback - Property of the control
Autopostback - get and set property to control postback on changes made for control.

this.dropdownlist1.AutoPostBack = true;
whenever user will select item, the page will get post back.

IsPostback - Property of the Page class
IsPostback - get property of the Page class, to check if page is post back i.e. if it is true then page has already executed Init function of the page else it is first time the page has requested to be executed.


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Re: Autopostback and Ispostback in ASP.NET
Posted By Anuja Pawar on 20 Dec 2011  
postback: the page performs a POST request to itself
A postback is initiated by the browser, and reloads the whole page, usually when a control on the page (e.g. a button) is changed.
ispostback=true -page is being loaded in response to a client postback. 
ispostback=false -the page is loaded for the first time

autopostback: a postback is performed automatically, for example when the selected value of a dropdown changes
With some controls (e.g. Checkboxes), you choose if changing the control should result in a postback. This property is called AutoPostback

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