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Dipa Ahuja
data flow diagram of website
Posted By Dipa Ahuja on 09 Apr 2010

After the completion of my website i have to create the project report.

In project whats the meaning of data flow diagram?

is it the relation between pages or its about data flow of tables?

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Re: data flow diagram of website
Posted By asim on 01 Oct 2010  

hi diya,
data flow diagrams means it will give sequence of events with some inputs and moving forward in web site. means eg to login into gmail follwong sequence u need
1.url of gmail in IE
2.if ur a existing user enter username,pwd then click on submit
like some sequence
this project report use ful for other developer
i hope i answer the question

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Re: data flow diagram of website
Posted By stephen turvey on 07 Oct 2010  
Its simular to a flow chart in c#

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