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Optimize gridview binding in
Posted By S G on 17 Dec 2012
Hi all, I am creating a web application in that on home page there is 7-8 gridviews. These all gridviews are binded on pageLoad method/event of the main page.
Each grid view has different query or a procedure for binding. When i am running a project it can take 40-45 sec to load the page. I want to optimize this as like it will load in minimum time. Is there any way to optimize the page or site.

Re: Optimize gridview binding in
Posted By Deepak Verma on 17 Dec 2012  
Hi Shrikant,

Consider these points:
  • Use Repeater control instead of GridView as long as you are not going to use GridView's powerful features. Because GridView generates extra table formatting when it rendered on client browser, for more detail see source of your page.
  • Go for SQL Paging, and avoid retrieving unused columns.
  • Contents which are not updated frequently store in application state and refresh application state routine wise. You may use session to do so, determine it from your scenario. Doing so will reduce the round trip to data base and results in minimum resources utilization. So the performance of your application will be increased.
Hope it'll help you!

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