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  • Shantha Kumar T

    Get Web Information Using PnP JS In SharePoint Framework WebPart

    This video walk through the each steps to use PnP JavaScript library to get web details in a SharePoint Framework webpart.
    Shantha Kumar T Apr 19, 2017
  • Vignesh Ganesan

    Webinar On SharePoint 2016 Overview

    This is the recording of my webinar on SharePoint 2016 overview which was conducted on 21 Jan 2017.
    Vignesh Ganesan Jan 24, 2017
  • Vignesh Ganesan

    Webinar On SharePoint Architectural Models

    This is the video recording of the webinar on SharePoint Architectural Models.
    Vignesh Ganesan Dec 13, 2016
  • Vijay Bhaskar

    Gantt Charts in SharePoint 2013

    Gantt charts to view the schedules and time period of task
    Vijay Bhaskar Jan 31, 2016
  • Veena Sarda

    Backup and Restore in SharePoint 2013

    This is a beginners video on How to backup and restore in SharePoint 2013 from Central Administration's granular backup option.
    Veena Sarda Mar 17, 2014
  • Veena Sarda

    SharePoint 2013 - Content Organizer Part 1

    Here is a beginner's video on how to start using content organizer feature in SharePoint 2013.
    Veena Sarda Mar 13, 2014
  • Mahesh Chand

    Customize SharePoint 2010 Central Administration Home Page

    This video demonstrates how can give your SharePoint 2010 Central Administration Home Page a different look by choosing various options and Web Parts.
    Mahesh Chand Dec 12, 2010