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  • SharePoint Framework Development With React

    This is a recording of my webinar where I have explained how to develop a SharePoint Framework application using React. This video gives a detailed overview of the process for deep understanding.
  • Add Vertical Space Using Spacer WebPart In SharePoint Online

    In this video, we will talk about how we can add vertical space between the web parts using Spacer web part in SharePoint Online.
  • Page Property Web Part In SharePoint Online

    In this video, we will talk about how we can add a page property web part within Modern SharePoint Page.
  • How To Add A Twitter Web Part With Modern SharePoint Pages

    In this video, we will learn how we can add a Twitter Web Part to the modern SharePoint Online Page. We will also look into various available options or properties to modify the Twitter Web part.
  • Overview Of SharePoint Server 2019 Public Preview

    This is a recording of our webinar on SharePoint Server 2019 Public Preview. In this video, we will be discussing the new features of the public preview of SharePoint Server 2019.
  • Video 1: Set Up Domain Controller Server In Azure

    In this video, you will learn how to install and configure SharePoint 2016 Min Role Farm in Azure (IaaS) and set up Domain Controller Server.
  • Overview Of Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool

    This is a recording of our webinar on Microsoft SharePoint migration tool. We will have an overview of Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool in this video.
  • Branding SharePoint Modern Sites - Deploying A Theme

    Learn how to create and deploy a theme for Modern SharePoint.
  • Create Communication Site using OOTB Templates in SharePoint Online

    In this video, we will talk about how we can create Communication Site using different OOTB Templates. SharePoint provides three OOTB Templates with Communication Site: - Topic - Showcase - BlankIn this video, I have created communication site with all these templates. We have also discussed different OOTB web parts provided by Communication site using these templates.Please check my previous video, Overview of Communication Site – Part 1 at my next video, we will explore the features of Communication Site using Topic Template.
  • Deep Dive Into New Features Of SharePoint Online And OneDrive For Business - Part II

    In this recording of the webinar by Vignesh G and Jayanti P, you can deep dive into the new features of SharePoint Online & OneDrive for Business.
  • Overview of Communication Site in SharePoint Online

    In this video, we will talk about: What are Communication Sites in SharePoint Online? Why we use Communication Site? What is the difference between modern Team Site and Communication Site? When to use Team Site and when to use Communication Site? Use cases for the Communication Site.
  • Online Webinar SharePoint Framework with ReactJS -Part2

    This webinar in continuation with Part-1. Here, we are going to learn react life cycle in SPFX and usage of Office UI Fabric in SPFX
  • Online Webinar SharePoint Framework Part-1

    Free Online Webinar @ SharePoint Framework Series Part-1 In this webinar, you will learn about SPFX development with different CDN options.
  • Deep Dive Into The New Features Of SharePoint Online And OneDrive For Business - Part I

    Session about all the new features which was introduced by Microsoft recently for SharePoint
  • Create And Build SharePoint Online Workflow With Visio And SharePoint Designer

    How to create and build a SharePoint Online workflow with Visio 2013 and SharePoint Designer 2013.
  • Fetch Azure SQL Data Into SharePoint Online (Zero Code Solution)

    How to fetch Azure SQL Database data into SharePoint Online using Business Connectivity Service and Secure Store Service
  • How SharePoint Online Migration API Work

    Use SharePoint Online Migration API to migrate the content form SharePoint On Premises to SharePoint Online and one drive.
  • Map Multiple Calendar List To One Calendar List In SharePoint Online

    In this video, we will learn how we can map multiple calendar list to one calendar list in SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2013. Calendar List provide a functionality to overlay of calendar. In this video, we will also learn how calendar overlay is working. Along with it, we will also learn how to create color-coded calendar in SharePoint and how we can manage multiple calendars in SharePoint.
  • Overview Of Project Site Template In SharePoint Online

    In this video, we will talk about one site template available in SharePoint Online or Office 365 and that is Project Site Template. Here, we will discuss all basic features of Project Site Template.Project Site Template has some OOTB web part. Here we will discuss why we use Project Site Template in SharePoint Online. Here we will also discuss how we can create tasks for the project.
  • Create Site Collection In Office 365

    Explains the hands-on on how to create a new site collection in SharePoint Online in Office 365
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