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  • SharePoint Framework version 1.8.2 released

    SharePoint Framework v1.8.2 released with new features.
  • Microsoft Releases SharePoint Framework V1.6

    Microsoft has recently released SharePoint v1.6. The new version is said to have a range of new interesting tools, availability of Web APIs, a better Dialog experience and tenant extensions.
  • Microsoft Announces SharePoint Server 2019

    Recently, Microsoft has announced SharePoint Server 2019.
  • Microsoft Releases Office 365 Public CDN for SharePoint

    Office 365 Public Content Delivery Network (CDN) for SharePoint is now available for end users.
  • General Availability announced for SharePoint Framework

    General Availability announced for SharePoint Framework
  • SharePoint Mobile App For iOS Now Available

    The SharePoint Team has announced the release of the new SharePoint mobile app for iOS.
  • Modern Document Libraries In SharePoint Now Available

    Microsoft announces modern document libraries, which are now rolling out to all Office 365 commercial customers worldwide.
  • Microsoft To Release New SharePoint Mobile Apps For iOS, Android And Windows

    Microsoft is planning on releasing new SharePoint mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows, starting this quarter, alongside new OneDrive Universal Windows Platform application for Windows 10.
  • Microsoft Releases SharePoint Server 2016 Release Candidate

    Microsoft announces the availability of SharePoint Server 2016 Release Candidate (RC).
  • Microsoft Announces SharePoint Server 2016 Beta 2 And Project Server 2016 Beta 2

    Microsoft launches SharePoint Server 2016 Beta 2 and Project Server 2016 Beta 2, introducing to the users a complete new hybrid experience that would allow them to improvement the possibilities of the cloud.
  • SharePoint Server 2016 Tech Preview Available Now

    Microsoft announced the availability of SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview. With that the new cloud hybrid search preview for SharePoint Server 2013 and 2016 is now available
  • SharePoint Server 2016 will be available in Q2 2016

    Microsoft is expected to release SharePoint Server 2016 in Q2 2016.
  • SharePoint Server 2016 will become generally available in Q2 2016

    This news is regarding release dates of SharePoint 2016.
  • Powershell Scripts Book Available Now

    Today, we are pleased to announce one more ebook to the collection of C# Corner free books library, Powershell Scripts: Basic Operations on SharePoint 2013 Online using CSOM. This book is written by C# Corner authors Vijai Anand.
  • Free session - Developing SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions Jump Start

    Free Fast Paced Live Virtual Session on Developing SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions.
  • How to convince your boss for sharepoint conference 2014

    Details of Sharepoint Conference 2014, How to apply, how to convince boss for going to the conference.
  • SharePoint 2013 Administration Essentials Released

    C# Corner released its new book on SharePoint 2013 Administration Essentials. DOWNLOAD FREE.
  • SharePoint 2013 CSOM eBook Released

    C# Corner released its new book on SharePoint 2013 .Net Client Side Object Model. DOWNLOAD FREE.
  • dSHIFT Migrator for SharePoint 2013

    Xavor Corporation has announced the launch of the dSHIFT Migrator for SharePoint 2013, the newest edition of their dSHIFT line of SharePoint migration solutions.
  • SharePoint Emulator for Unit testing

    You can now unit test your code without actual SharePoint infrastructure or Server Side Libraries. SharePoint Emulators provide a system of Fakes based shims implementing the basic behaviors of the SharePoint 2010 server object model.
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