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  • SharePoint Online - REST API - Select Taxonomy Field

    If you have a requirement to select a taxonomy field from SharePoint Designer workflow using Call HTTP action, it is not a straightforward approach. The below article is going to talk about a few workarounds for this problem.
  • Deploying Multiple Provider Hosted Apps In A Single Azure Web Site

    There are three kinds of SharePoint Add-ins: SharePoint-hosted, Provider-hosted and SharePoint Framework. To decide about a better way to develop your scenario, you have to understand what each type of SharePoint Add-ins has in common/support.
  • SharePoint 2019 Hybrid Self-Service Site Creation

    In this article, we will explore the concept of hybrid self-service site creation and various options available to enable hybrid self-service site creation experience.
  • Read Email From Mailbox Folders Using Microsoft Graph API

    In this article, I have explained how to retrieve emails from mailbox folders from your Office 365 account using Microsoft Graph API endpoint.
  • Register Public Domain With Office 365

    In this article, we will explore how we can register a public domain with Office 365, instead of using the default provided domain.
  • Create Secure Store Application In SharePoint O365

    In this article, I would like to explain and share the steps to create or edit the secure store target application in SharePoint 365 using the admin center.
  • Microsoft Flow In 10 Days - Day Eight - Flow With Graph API

    In this article series, I will be covering all the topics in Microsoft Flow. This is part 8 of the series where we will talk about working with Microsoft Flow and Graph API.
  • Microsoft Teams Custom Tab - Video Recorder App Using SharePoint Framework

    This sample SharePoint Framework client-side web part for Microsoft Teams Tab illustrates video recording using the MediaRecorder Web API.
  • Publish SharePoint Add-In To Office Store

    This section lists the steps involved in submitting your SharePoint add-in to the Seller Dashboard of Office Store
  • How To Import Managed Metadata Into SharePoint

    Managed metadata is a hierarchical collection of centrally managed terms that you can define, and then use as attributes for items in SharePoint Server 2013.
  • Access SharePoint Online REST API Via Postman With User Context

    SharePoint Online(SPOL) allows remote applications to call the REST API with user impersonation. This article demonstrates how to access SPOL REST API and get the data from a SharePoint list in a tenant using Postman.
  • Download SharePoint Online Files Using The MAC CURL Command

    MAC SharePoint users had been downloading files from SharePoint 2007 Document Libraries using the CURL command but that doesn't work after migrating SharePoint 2007 sites to SharePoint Online(SPOL). Let's see how we can resolve this issue.
  • SharePoint Online - Install / Upgrade App From App Catalog Out Of The Box

    As a SharePoint or global admin in Office 365, you can create an App Catalog site to make internally developed custom apps available for users to install when they browse apps under the From Your Organization filter on the Site Contents page. Site owners can then add these apps.
  • Microsoft Flow In 10 Days - Day One - Flow Templates, Connectors, Triggers, Actions, Conditions

    In this article series I will be covering all the topics in Microsoft Flow.
  • Office Web Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Link To "Open File In Iframe"

    In this article, we will explore how we can open SharePoint on-premise and SharePoint online Office files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) without downloading them. The file will be opened in a model dialog box.
  • SharePoint 2019 - Enable Hybrid Experience

    In this article, we will explore how we can configure SharePoint Server Hybrid and extend the workloads to SharePoint Online.
  • SharePoint Online - Analyze User Feedback Using Sentiment Analysis API And Microsoft Flow

    The Sentiment Analysis API evaluates text input and returns a sentiment score ranging from 0 (negative) to 1 (positive). This is useful for detecting positive and negative sentiment in social media, customer reviews, and discussion forums.
  • SharePoint Server 2019 Features Overview

    In this article, we will explore the new features that SharePoint 2019 brings in and the features it has left behind.
  • SharePoint Migration - Large List Details

    In this article, we will look for PowerShell Scripts to export a “SharePoint Large Lists” report from the SharePoint Farm source. This information will be helpful to track all the lists which contain more than 2000 items and are provisioned in SharePoint Farm.
  • SharePoint 2019 - Configure Home Page

    In this article, we will explore how we can configure SharePoint Server 2019 home page and how it is beneficial to be able to access the information easily.
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