Facebook Feeds In SharePoint 2010

This was pretty easy to set up and possible to integrate social networks into SharePoint.

Steps Involved

Step 1: Go to the following link.

Step 2: Enter the required facebook URL in the following column.


Step 3: Similarly enter Width, Height and the following checkbox: Use Small Header, Hide Cover Photo, Adapt to plugin container width, and Show Friend's faces (optional).

Step 4: Click on Get Code.

Get Code

Step 5: Copy both code snippet,

Copy Both code Snippet

Step 6: Open Notepad and paste both the codes one below other.

Open Notepad

Step 7:
Save File with some name (.txt) extension (Eg:FBfeeds.txt).

Step 8: Go to Site Collection where you want facebook feeds.

Step 9: Go to Site Actions, then View All Site Content.

View All site Content

Step 10: Click on Site Assets.

Site Assets

Step 11: Click on Add Document & attach a saved document

Add Document

Step 12: Copy the URL for the file (right click, Copy Shortcut/Copy link address).

Step 13: Go to Page, where you want show the Facebook feeds.

Site Actions, then Edit Page.

Edit Page

Step 14: Click on Insert & then click on Web Part.

Click on insert

Step 15: Select Media and Content category & select Content Editor, click Add.

Select Media

Step 16: Select the Content Editor web part menu , click on Edit Web Part.

Select the Content editor web

Step 17: Paste the URL Content Link to link to a text file, type a URL (Step 12).

Past the URL

Step 18: Appearance, Layout, Advanced option (optional), click on Apply and click OK.

Step 19: Click Save Page.

Step 20: Facebook feeds visible on SharePoint.

Facebook feeds
Note: Once the Status updated on Facebook, it will auto update here also. No need to update again.