Import Data From Excel To SQL Server

Here in this article I will show you how to import excel sheet data to SQL Server database table.
Here I have my excel sheet.
Now I will load this data to my (tbl_country) table  which I created in "Employee" database.
Here is the database.
And here is my table which I created in the database.
To import the excel data to this table here are the steps.
STEP 1: Right click on database, click on Task, then ImportData.


STEP 2: Now the SQL Server Import wizard will come now. Click the Next button.

STEP 3: Now it will ask the details of source (excel sheet).

STEP 4: Now it will ask for destination details. Give all the required information.


STEP 6: Select the first option and click next.

Here it will show all the sheets are present in the Excel. Just select the sheet where the original data is present. On the right hand side select the destination table where you want to save all the records.
If you want the records you can check by clicking preview.

STEP 7: click ok and Next

STEP 8: Click finish here.

STEP 9: Click finish here.

And check the tbl_country, you will find all the data from the excel sheet which have been imported to the table.


Thus in this way we can import the excel sheet data to SQL server.