How to Map Your Domain Name to Your Azure Website

Today we will learn how to map our domain name to Azure. I hope you will like this article.
Please see this article in my blog: How to map your domain to Azure.

Azure contains managed services, pre-built templates and integrated tools that makes it easier to build mobile, enterprise and IOT applications. It is much faster and provides much space in the cloud for us. The simplicity of Azure makes any user more productive.
A few days ago, I had hosted my website on Azure and at that time I encountered some issues using Prabhjot Sir and Romil Sir. I could resolve those issue, so I thought of sharing the information with you.
If you are new to Azure, please read some basics here: Azure Basics
I registered my Domain with GoDaddy. So here I will show you the settings from the GoDaddy DNS manager, but the procedure will be the same for other DNS managers too.
Go to your web hosting account by giving your credentials.
Now click on the GoDaddy DNS Manager.

Then you will be getting a grid with the available domain name with your account. Click on the Edit Zone.
Now you will be redirected to a page, where it will ask for some details like IP address. To get this information, please login to your Azure account and click on Web App and then Scale. Select BASIC from the APP SERVICE PLAN PRICING TIER. (It may be different depending on your hosting plan.) 
Now return to the web app and click on Manage Domains in the bottom side. 
You can see a pop-up as follows. 
Just copy that IP address and go to your web login in GoDaddy, paste the IP address into the area as in the following image.
Now we have set the A Host. Our next step is configure the CNAME. You can find another set of information if you come down in the current page.
Create a Host as "www" and point "to your Azure website URL" .
Now go to your command prompt (Window+R), type cmd and follow the instructions shown in the following image.
Now go to your Azure Manage Domains.
Add an entry for your CNAME like
Now if your run your Azure website, it will redirect to your web domain such as 
Now what will happen if you type alone without www? It will throw you an Azure error. So to resolve this you need to return to your GoDaddy DNS server and add another entry.
Please see the following images.
Make an entry in CNAME host as "awverify" and point it to verify your Azure website URL (for example
Now it is time to add this entry into your Azure manage domain. Please add an entry for your website without www as shown below.
We have done everything, cool. Now you can browse to your website with or without "www".

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. We will meet soon with another article. Please share me your feedback.