Use WordPress Without WAMP Server

Most of you might have used WordPress and you might have installed Wamp server too to work with WordPress. Because wamp server is an effective tool which helps to work with WordPress. Here I am going to share you an alternative way, that is to use Web Platform Installer instead installing a Wamp server. I hope you will like this.


I was using WAMP server to work with WordPress. That is fine, but it will make some conflicts between our IIS and Skype in our machines, since both apache server and IIS and Skype uses same port (port 80) for the operations. If you need some solutions for those issues, you can see here:

WordPress Without Wamp Server

First thing you need to do is is installing Web Platform Installer. You can download this from Microsoft Web Platform Installer. Once you downloaded it, please go ahead and install.

Open Microsoft Web Platform Installer. And search for WordPress.

Install WordPress Through Web Platform Installer
                           Figure 1: Install WordPress Through Web Platform Installer

Now select WordPress and click on Add and then click Install. Now you can see MySQL configuration page as follows. Give the password you need to set for root.

My SQL Configuration
                                                   Figure 2: My SQL Configuration

Now click on Continue. Now you will be shown the perquisites to be downloaded. Just click I Accept to download MySQL and WordPress.

Perquisites to be downloaded
                                          Figure 3: Perquisites to be downloaded

Now just wait for the process to be completed. This process will install WebMatrix which we are going to use as the platform to work with WordPress, MySQL, WordPress, IIS 8 which is compatible with WebMatrix.

Installing MySQL and WordPress
                                       Figure 4: Installing MySQL and WordPress

Note: If you have installed IIS 10 in your machine, the WebMatrix won’t work. To make it work, you may need to uninstall IIS 10 and install IIS 8.

Once you have installed everything go to your application and open WebMatrix.

WebMatrix Login
                                                            Figure 5: WebMatrix Login

Once you logged in, you can see a home page as follows.

WebMatrix Homepage
                                                      Figure 6: WebMatrix Homepage

Click new, App Gallery, WordPress and then click Next.

Wordpress in WebMatrix
                                                      Figure 7: WordPress in WebMatrix

Type your site name and click next. Finally click OK. Now you can see your WordPress is installed and it will ask for initial set ups. If you are new to set up WordPress I suggest you to see here: Set up WordPress in Your Local

One you have done the initial set up, you will be able to login to your WordPress site. And you can see your files in your WebMatrix application.

Wordpress Site Home In WebMatrix
                                    Figure 8: WordPress Site Home In WebMatrix

You can run your wordpress site by clicking the button Run.

You can see your database under database section and also you can see the data and edit.

Database In WebMatrix
                                                   Figure 9: Database In WebMatrix

Change Port In WebMatrix

You can change the port to any number you wish in WebMatrix. For that go to Site tab, then select your site - Settings. In the localhost textbox you can edit the port.

Changing Port In WebMatrix
                                                   Figure 10: Changing Port In WebMatrix


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