SharePoint 2013 Installation - Part 1

I am going to create a two tier architecture SharePoint farm.

two tier architechture

Follow this article:

Step 1: Install and configure active directory domain services.

Change the System name after installing the Windows Server 2012 operating system.

Provide IP Address like the following:

IP Address

Click OK.

And restart the computer.

restart the computer

After successful restart open Server Manager.

Open Server Manager

Click Manage, then click Add Roles and Features.


In this wizard select Role-based or feature-based installation.

Click next.

wizard select role

Select your server pool and click next.

server pool

In Server Roles select Active Directory Domain Services.

domain services

Click Next,

Active directory

Click Next,


All done, then click Install.

All done

Click Install

Installation Succeeded.

After installation go to Server manager, Tools, then Active Directory Domains and Trusts.

Server manager

In this pop up Click on action - Promote this server to a domain controller,

pop up Click

In this wizard I am going to Add a new forest named TRENSHAREPOINT.COM.

Add a new forest

Click next.

Select the forest and domain functional level, I have picked Windows Server 2012. If you are using Windows Server 2008, select in the list.

Provide the password for restoring the directory service.


Click next.

Leave blank and create DNS Delegation.

blank Create DNS Delegation

Click Next,

NetBIOS name automatically generated.


Click Next,


Click Next,

Click Next

Click Next.

So the wizard is checking for prerequisites.


Prerequisites verification successful.

Prerequisites verification

Click Install.



So the domain controller was successfully installed in your server.

Restart your computer.

Logged in as : TRENSHAREPOINT\Administrator.