How to Access Internet Application Offline


This is a application which will give you a facility like internet access. As you can see the recorded cricket match in your tv because your dish­connection provider give a functionality to record some tv­ program, in the same way you will use this app which will store your all app in the same way. When you will access the internet (online) it will store all your accessed pages that would visualize to you on offline mode.

Offline Access

As you can see on the screen this is the app. How to use it, read the following point:

  • Enter the url in box.
  • Press the go button.
  • Wait as per your internet speed.
  • Use internet as you access in normal browser.
  • There are three buttons bottom of the UI. Don't be confused I am talking about forward backward and offline Access.
  • Back and for button is for work like as in simple browser button to forward and backward.
  • There is option for offline access this will give you the functionality which our core feature to access online.


let's know how to implement app has two part implementation:

  1. How to save that page in your memory card?
  2. How to make accessible?

To save the page is so simple and explained in following steps:

  1. Create the UI which can see in the screenshots.
  2. There will be a web view.
  3. Handle the event on click on web view.
  4. In this we will create a bitmap image. Bitmap is nothing but a class to hold the image.

    bitmap image

    Here is a function on the name of "converttopdf" don't think that it convert you page in pdf but it will save your page in form of image in your memory.

  5. Implement save function given below. Ok now your pages have been saved.

    save function

Now move on the core feature means access functionality for this you have to understand the concept of forest tree.

forest tree
In forest tree we have more than one child and this is the structure by which you are accessing the internet,internet

To do this we will use sqlite data base, now you have to create two table:


The second table will be main table create a id and fill all the detail from os (date and time ) and will store database in it. This data will make name of folder, first table will have record of image detail and we will store here the parent detail which will give a link between a page to another page.

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