How to develop mobile business applications

We will show you how you can create professional and modern looking mobile business clients.


The market of mobile phone applications has sky rocketed in the recent past. The age when consumers were using phones just for calling is gone forever. People increasingly use their mobile devices to share their pictures or videos, browse internet, search for products or engage in social media. Moreover mobile software is finding its application in business recently. The market with mobile business applications is expected to burst in upcoming future. Mobile tools can help customers to place their orders easily, to report their claims or access their invoices in real-time.  Business people can access various databases of their customers, products, service activities or orders anywhere they go.

However, there are several problems which coders need to deal with when working on business applications for mobile phones. The first problem is that every business is different and mobile clients need to be often adapted to meet the needs of a particular business. The second problem is that user interface controls such as adding menus, buttons, audios, scroll bars, calendars etc. require a lot of technical skills and time for development.

Resco Mobile Business comes with a slick solution to these problems

It consists of two parts:

MobileBusiness Studio

- is a Microsoft Visual Studio based developer platform and it includes lots of useful data and user interface (UI) designers and tools which help to develop business mobile clients easily and comfortably. All of the UI controls are based on C# or Visual Basic .NET. One of the major advantages of Mobile Business Studio is a cross-platform support of Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Tablet PC, Windows Phone 7, iPhone, iPad and Android. We have embodied various business logics into Mobile Business Studio. The modern looking business apps are easy to create even you have a very little mobile development experience.

MobileBusiness App

- is a fully functional mobile client application that comes together with Mobile Business Studio. It includes the most common business application functions and it comes with its source code therefore it can be easily customized in Mobile Business Studio. This serves as a basic source code of mobile client solutions. This source code can be customized using Mobile Business Studio easily.

MBS_Tablet_1.png  MBS_Tablet_2.png

Any client application developed using Resco MobileBusiness Studio works in offline mode and uses MS SQL Server Compact Edition/SQL Lite local database. Back-office integration is implemented by a Web Service, which synchronizes the local database against a remote SQL Server database (by default). The web service is provided with C# source code, so it can be freely customized to support other 3rd party server database, or CRM/ERP system.

Whether you want to use and customize our Mobile Business App or develop your own apps, Mobile Business Studio is a comfortable solution for you. It will enable you to create modern looking business apps in efficient way.

Very good experience! It has been helpful in developing beautiful, intuitive user interfaces.
- Emmanuel, CEO at VerifID
Excellent tool that supply many features that we need to use, that previously we had to develop by ourselves.
- Santiago, R&D at ITDelta
Simple upgrade and install, good Q&A forum, good help, fine and lovely GUI, very good interface and the controls look great!
- Istvan, developer at Asm Kft
Save more than 45% of your time on development of business application for mobile clients!*
*Based on the survey of 2450 Resco customers

Creating a modern business app with Resco Mobile Business is very easy. You can check out how to create a fully functional Sales Force Automation application for your mobile client in only 11 minutes in the following video:

You can download the free trial version of Resco Mobile Business at

And here is a perview of the MobileBusiness Apps on various mobile platforms: