Retouching Tool in Photoshop


In my previous articles you learned about:

  1. Selection Tool in Photoshop 
  2. Crop and Slice Tool in Photoshop 
  3. Measuring Tool in Photoshop

In this article  you will learn about the Retouching Tool; in other words how to do a cline image.


  1. Retouching tools
  • Spot Healing Brush Tool
  • Healing Brush Tool
  • Patch Tool
  • Red Eye Tool
  • Clone Tool
  • Eraser Tool
  • Blur Tool
  • Dodge  Tool
  • Burn Tools
Spot Healing Brush Tool

We can use this tool to clean up small unwanted marks from an image, even more easily than the standard Healing Brush Tool.

In the Toolbox, select the "Spot Healing Brush Tool".

sopt hendling tool.jpg

Set the Spot Healing Brush size and style, as in the following:



Clipboard01.jpg sopt hendling.jpg

Healing Brush Tool

The Healing Brush Tool and the Clone Stamp Tool are pretty much similar in regard to their work, but even after much similarity there is one difference, which is that the Healing Brush Tool also matches the texture, lighting, and shading of the sampled pixels to the source pixels. This means that the repaired pixels blend seamlessly into the rest of the image. And this is what makes this tool so incredibly powerful for restoring and retouching pictures.

In the Toolbox, select the "Healing Brush Tool".

hendling brush tool.jpg

Set the Healing Brush size and style, as in the following:


                Before                                                After


Patch Tool

This tool repairs a selected area with pixels that can be taken from another area or a pattern. There is quite a similarity between the Healing Brush Tool and the the Patch Tool since it also matches the texture, lighting, and shading of the sampled pixels to the source pixels.

Red Eye

We simply select the Red Eye Tool, then we will click and drag on the image to draw a box around the red eye. You may need to click and drag a couple times to get the entire eye.

Clone Tool

This tool, also named Rubber Stamp Tool or the Colon Tool we use, copies a selected area of the photo and pastes it over another area. It's a great tool for fixing blemishes on a model's face, removing tattoos, duplicating things and cleaning dust off an image.

In the Toolbox, select the Clone Tool.

clone tool.jpg

Set the Clone size and style, as in the following:

clone efect.jpg



Eraser Tool

We can use this tool to quickly remove stray pixels or isolated shapes from an image. If you want to remove something from an image then you can do that easily.  The "magic" aspect of the Magic Eraser is that it erases only pixels that are similar in color to the one you click, within the tool's current Tolerance range. Be sure to use these tools on a duplicate image layer, because they remove pixels permanently.

Choose the Eraser Tool (E or Shift-E).

In the Toolbox, select the Eraser Tool.

eraser tool.jpg

Set the Eraser size and style, as in the following:

Eraer size.jpg



Blur Tool

The Blur Tool is used to make the image blur. Left-click and drag to make things blurry.

The Blur Tool is useful for removing small facial blemishes and smoothing out wrinkles. It's easy to get a bit carried away with the Blur Tool when working on a face. Things will be looking great.

  • In the Toolbox, select the Blur Tool.
  • Choose brush size and style.
  • Set the tool's strength.
  • Drag on the image.
  • In the Options bar, you can also specify the effect's "Mode".

In the Toolbox, select the Blur Tool.

blur tool.jpg

Set Blur size and style

Eraer size.jpg

              Before                                                                   After


Dodge and Burn Tools 

The word Dodge means lighten and Burn means darken. The Dodge and Burn tools are digital versions in Photoshop. These tools can be used to either lighten the areas that are underexposed in a photo or darken overexposed areas. Dodge and Burn tools are found in the Tools palette.

In the Toolbox, select the Dodge Tool.

Dodge tool.jpg

Set the Dodge size and style, as in the following:

Eraer size.jpg

                  Before                                                                  After

debog and burn.jpg fine.jpg