Salary Of An IT Professional In India

IT field is one of the highest paid sectors for Indian workforce. Salaries for an IT professional depends on place, person, company, and skill set. Usually, large corporations offer less in-take salaries with better perks. Check out How to choose my next company. Salaries also depend on the project, product, and work type. For example, companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Adobe may pay 3-times for a product engineer than a web developer.

In this article, I will shed some lights on salary range for IT professionals in India.

PayScale has done a great job capturing salary data from its users. The following graphs show the median salaries of a Software Developer, Sr. Software Developer, and Project Manager. All salaries are in INR.

Software Developer Salary
                                                         Software Developer Salary

Sr. Software Developer Salary
                                                      Sr. Software Developer Salary

Project Manager Salary
                                                               Project Manager Salary

According to PayScale, the following table summarizes the IT professionals’ salaries in India with their job title and number of years of experience.

salaries in India with their Job titles and number of years of experience

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While the above salaries may represent the average salary, the actual salary depends on an individual. Salaries also depends on talent and need. One of the startups I was recently advising needed a developer with experience building an education and learning platform and willing to pay much higher salary than the market rate.

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