Top 8 Technology Trends For 2015

The Year 2014 was an incredible year for technology lovers and developers. On C# Corner, our goal is to stay current with the latest trends. Going forward in the year 2015, we will be increasing our focus on the latest trends and technologies.

Last year, I posted my Top 5 Developer Technology Trends for 2014 that included JavaScript and HTML 5, Big Data, Mobile and Apps, Personal and Private Clouds and Wearables. Whereas all of these five technologies are still on the rise and continues to be in demand in year 2015, my focus now shifts to the newer technologies.

Here are my top 8 technologies trends for the year 2015.

1. Clouds and IoTs

Personal clouds are becoming a prime destination to store and manage enterprise and personal data. Large corporations, including Google, Apple, Microsoft and Adobe have taken major steps to invest and become involved in cloud storage business. Companies such as Sony, Acer and Dell have built their own enterprise clouds that are being used to store consumer's data.

If you have not heard of the Internet of Things (IoTs) then you must have not been paying any attention last year. You must check out Internet of Things Explained. Today, most of the smart devices are connected to the Internet all the time and data being in the cloud, can be accessed from anywhere anytime.

2. Smart Homes and Cars

At CES 2015, auto makers, including BMW and Audi, showcased their futuristic smart cars that can park and drive themselves. These smart cars are also connected to the Internet and cloud and have virtual displays.

Not only cars, homes are getting smarter too. Google's acquisition of The Nest for $1.2 Billion was a sign that the future of smart homes is here.

Companies like Nest are helping build smart homes by integrating smart devices that can analyze and predict human behavior and control the home. For example the Nest thermostat will watch your behavior and automatically start turning off heat when you're not home.

3. Ultra Definition, Curve, Touch Displays

Ultra-high definition (4K) large screen, curved TVs and touch screen displays are one of the latest technologies . The largest electronics retailer in USA, Best Buy reports a good sale of the ultra-high definition (4K) large screen TVs, including curved TVs. On Jan 05, at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Samsung announced its SUHD TV. Watch this video to see what makes SUDH so special.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced Surface Hub, large screen touch devices with sizes 55-inch and 84-inch, that can be used to access Web, video conferencing, meetings and presentations.

4. Big Data, Machine Learning and Analytics

Big data, machine learning and data analytics technologies are in demand today and I am seeing a big demand. On C# Corner, one of the big data experts and trainers from New York City, Menish Gupta has begun writing articles. Check out his first article Understanding Big Data to get started with big data.

Most of the large corporations are hiring big data scientists and analysts. I expect Big Data, machine learning and data analysis demand to continue to grow in the year 2015.

5. 3D Printing

3D Printing has been one of the hottest technologies of 2014 and continue to grow in 2015. Health care providers are using 3D printers for hearing-aid shells, dental, knee and hip replacements. BI article The 3D Printing Market will be huge in 2015 talks about 3D printing expanding into aerospace, toys and other hardware applications.

6. Mobile Way of Healthy Life

Today, our mobile devices are becoming an integral part of our daily lives and almost work as a part of our body. Smart devices are not only being used to browse the internet, access emails, calls, text or chat but also to control cars, homes and health. Many companies including Apple, Microsoft, Google and many other device manufacturer and app makers have health tracker and other useful apps.

A recent app allows you to breath into your mobile device app and it will tell you if you have bad breath or not.

7. Productivity Apps

Personal and enterprise computing is moving from PCs and desktops to mobile devices. And hence the demand of the productivity apps. Apple's iTunes store has over 200,000 productivity apps. The demand of productivity apps will continue to grow in year 2015 and beyond.

8. Mobile Data Security

Enterprise and data security has been in demand in the last few years and now smart devices store and access personal data and hence will become a potential target for hackers and thieves.

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