Display Facebook Feed In Power BI

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This article explains how to get Facebook feed and display in a Power BI report.

Getting Started

Start Power BI Desktop and click on the Get Data from the list in the left side bar as you can see in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Select all from the left side and select Facebook and click Connect button.

Figure 2

Next you will see this warning message. Just click Continue button.

Figure 3

Now provide Facebook username or object id or connection and click OK.

Figure 4

You can select the connection you want to display, here is list.

Figure 5

Here you can put Facebook username or object id or you can put just Me.

Figure 6

Now you need to authenticate Facebook. Just click Sign In button.

Figure 7

Enter Facebook login credentials and click Log In.

Figure 8

Power BI needs to access your Facebook public details like profile, friend list, email address, Timeline posts, status updates, personal description and likes and click Okay button.

Figure 9

Now allow Microsoft Power BI to access Page and insights, Click Okay button.

Figure 10

Here your credentials are authenticated, as you can see there is no Sign In button displaying. Now click Connect button.

Figure 11

In this post I will get my Facebook Feeds only, You can select whatever you want to display and click OK button.

Figure 12

Here you can see list of all Facebook feed messages, Click Load button.

Figure 13

Figure 14

Now select the columns you want to display in Visualization. Here I am going to display my feeds in a Table.

Figure 15

Now finally in result you can see all feed message in a table.

Figure 16


In this article, we saw how to get Facebook feed and generate charts and reports in Power BI.