Video Recordings and Code of 4 Important Design Patterns – Mumbai Chapter.


Some day's back we had announced we will be conducting webinar, in case people who want to recollect here is the link of the same.

In this article we would like to give the recordings, source code and brief up what happened.

So what happened briefly?

Mahesh Chand opened first and spoke about c# corner and the importance of these groups.

Shivprasad koirala introduced the team and the overall agenda of the session.

It was followed by Kamal who spoke and demonstrated decorator pattern.

This was followed by Swapneel who spoke about a simple example of builder pattern and explaining a simple implementation in the way HTML documents are parsed.

Akshay Patel demonstrated how factory pattern can help us to decouple layer. He demonstrated a simple 3 tier architecture and then decoupled the DAL to show the strength of factory.

Due to time constraint Shivprasad was not able to demonstrate the Iterator pattern. We intend to update with sample code later.

The recordings

The first thing you would probably like to catch is the full action live so click on the link below and see the complete recording of the webinar.

It is a complete 1 hour video but we are sure you will enjoy the same.

Source code

Get the source code for Factory, Decorator and Builder Pattern which everyone demonstrated in the webinar from the top of this article.

Just before ending this article you can try to solve this small architecture problem, I am sure it will help you to improve your thinking more naturally.