Image Password In Windows 10


We just saw that the picture password can be added for additional account security for Account Settings in Windows 10 in the previous article. This article is in continuation with that and shows how to set an image password in Windows 10.
Now we will have a look at how to create picture passwords.
Firstly, click the "Add" button under "Picture password:"
Click Add button
Provide your windows login password as in the following screenshot. This is to be done for account verification.
windows login password
Choose a picture for creating a password by clicking "Choose picture" as in the following screenshot:
Choose a picture for creating password
Select the desired picture.
Select the desired picture
Click "Use this picture" button to confirm the selected picture. Here's the screenshot showing the same.
Select picture
Provide three gestures for your picture by choosing the desired place in the picture. Here in the screenshot, you can see the description for drawing three gestures:
choosing desired place
Setup your gestures
Click Start over
Now after providing confirmation, finish the wizard.
Click finish
Now as you can see in the following screenshot, the picture password is added and the Add button is replaced with Change and Remove buttons.
Sign in option
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In this article, we learned about Image Password In Windows 10.