WCF Service Model Architecture

Let me try to explain the WCF Service Model Architecture.

Consider that you have hosted a WCF Service and it exposes one or more endpoints to the outer world.



Now one of your Clients wants to consume this hosted Service by calling the endpoints.

Example: Endpoint 1 from above image....


The Client will send a request to the endpoints for the endpoint metadata.

This requested metadata will be processed through a wsdl import tool (such as svcutil or the WsdlImporter class) and the wsdl definition was created.

We are not going to discuss these tool here. You can browse those links for more information.

This imported metadata will produce the local endpoint in the Client system, here the definition of the local Endpoint 1 is created.


The Client will then read or invoke the definitions and create a WCF Channel.


Through this Channel the Client can make the various method calls to the Service the specified endpoint.

This way the communication happens between the Service Endpoint and the Client.

The following shows the complete cycle, how the Endpoint starts and ends.