Why Should I Blog?

I want to share some of my experiences here about my blogging with the Mindcracker and C-Sharpcorner community.

Why should I blog? Why is blogging important? Can blogging make a person famous?

These types of questions arose in my mind long ago. Everyone has those kinds of questions in their minds when they start blogging. When I reached the Mindcracker community, I really started my blogging journey. Before, I had an ASP.Net blog website but I was not sure what to update or post in it. I even posted to codeproject.com, which rejected my articles many times with the reason that my articles are inadequate. That's true :).

They followed some good professional guidelines about how to post a blog or article. It was very difficult for people who just scribble something down and upload it to a web site and follow these guidelines. Everything is not professional; many people in the world are non-professionals :). They just want to share something they know and have experience with.

Mindcracker is such a good platform for many kinds of people. Anyone can scribble an article or blog or even write a very large article. The Mindcracker community has given everyone many opportunities. This is the reason why the community is growing very fast and becoming famous. Mindcracker helps people to share their opinions and thoughts, and improve their writings and grammar through their blogs. I am sure that most of the members here will agree with what I am trying to say. This way is better and good articles can easily be designated as a "Featured Article" in C# Corner.

Sam Hobbs is the Senior Editor of the Mindcracker Community, and had written this,

He is the best man in this business for correcting every grammatical mistake and formatting contents without complaining to anyone. I used to chat with Sam often about my improvements. When he would say, "Yes you are improving," those are great moments for me. This encourages all our members here to write more.

I am sure he will edit this content also, lol :).

Why should I blog? Why is blogging important? Can blogging make a person famous?

I don't know. I want to express my thoughts in some other way. For that I need a place where I can share those thoughts.
Here my thoughts can be anything, and C# Corner is more concerned with sharing technical knowledge.

So sharing and expressing your thoughts to others makes you grow. You will become recognized soon in a community.
The number of articles/blogs you write doesn't matter. Even a single blog can make you quite famous.

During my career I used to write many things on paper -- even a piece of code, SQL scripts, or troubleshooting methods.

I still remember when I was a developer, there was a shortage of notebooks at my old company. I was running late for an important meeting and had no notebooks available. I ran into a printer room and grabbed an entire packet of printing papers and used that for an entire month. At the end of the month my supervisor shouted at me like anything.

But I didn't stop scribbling on paper, I am still doing it and even ask my team members to do so.

But this is not enough; we will throw away those findings the next day. How about storing them someplace where we can refer to them and also make them available to the public? Yes, in this way we need to start sharing knowledge.

I don't believe in blog/article counts, that's why my article or blog counts are low. Whenever I get time I post here.
And remember to share with others if you find a good blog or article from another source.

How blogging can help you:
  1. Blogging helps you in a great way to promote yourself to the world.
  2. One day it will help you to become an expert in your field.
  3. This will help you to connect with great people like MC, SPK, and DJ.
  4. You'll become a good writer and reader, and a smart thinker.
  5. You can change others' lives and help them to start their blogs, like MC helps our members to write articles/blogs.
  6. You will get awarded with Mindcracker MVP, maybe even Microsoft MVP.
One of the New Year's resolution plans of MC is to write 2000+ article this year.

Wow, how can he write that many articles? Because, MC is very passionate in writing and that's the reason why he is very famous worldwide. One of his articles on OOP with C# is the reason why I joined the Mindcracker community.
About DJ, I knew this guy long before joining the Mindcracker Community. I had a good experience with him and want to share it here. It happened in 2011, while I was traveling back to Chennai from Pune via a Mumbai connecting flight. Guess who the person was sitting next to me? I was about tosay "Hi," and suddenly I realized that he was watching a video from the Technet website. I decided not to disturb him. It was a long journey -- around one and a half hours --  but during the entire time he was doing some coding stuff and finished two blogs and uploaded to the C# Corner web site. 
Have you ever tried typing your name into Google, hitting search and your name pops out in the results along with the C# Corner URL? If your name shows in the list then yes, you are recognized worldwide, and people will remember the author of the blog.

That's great.

By writing this blog, I have shared my experience here. I also plan to write more good blogs or articles this year.
At the same time, please take the time to read these references,
Thank You!

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