How to submit Articles to C# Corner

Posted by Praveen Moosad Tips on Feb 24, 2007
Here we will brief you the procedure for posting article.

C# Corner was founded by developers as a community for those with a common enthusiasm for .NET technologies. It was created as a place to share ideas, ask questions, search for answers, and learn about the many facets of .NET.  Over the years, C# Corner has become a popular venue for .NET professionals to submit articles on their areas of expertise. In its infancy, the site accepted and posted almost any morsel of information about .NET. The site has since grown to over 500,000 registered members from all over the globe. It's standards for submission have grown up as well. Today, C# Corner is dedicated to providing the highest quality content to its viewers. In pursuit of this goal, we invite you to follow the set of standards outlined below.

Now let me brief you the procedure for posting article:

  • The first page of the wizard requires you to fill some basic details about the article like title, description, search text, keywords, technology etc. Be careful to fill the details. After filling the details click "Save & Continue".
  • The second page provides you to an editor where you can paste and format your articles. The toolbar in the editor provides to insert pictures, insert tables and many more formatting options. The contents of the articles should be proofread for grammers, spelling mistakes. Please don't copy and paste contents from doc files. Click "Save & Continue".
  • The last page asks you to upload images(if any) that you inserted in previous page. If there is any source code with the article you can also upload that in this page.

Also please make sure that the author should provide some information about themself when they register as author.

Note: The articles posted should be genuine and should not be lifted from other sites. All articles posted are reviewed by our Editorial Desk and if it is found out that they are stolen from other resources, then those articles will be removed from the site .