Adding Tags for Azure VM


Tags in Azure VMs are a way to label and organize resources in Azure. A tag is a name-value pair that you can assign to an Azure resource, such as a virtual machine, to help you organize and categorize your resources for different purposes. You can assign multiple tags to a single resource, and you can assign tags to resources across different resource groups and subscriptions.

Tags for Azure VM

Tags can be used for various purposes, such as cost management, resource grouping, and automation. For example, you can use tags to track the cost of resources by department, project, or environment or to group resources that belong to a particular application or service.

In Azure VMs, you can use tags to identify VMs based on their characteristics, such as their environment, application, or role. This can help you quickly locate and manage VMs that have similar characteristics without having to navigate through your entire resource list.

Here are the steps to add tags to an Azure VM.

How to add Tags in Azure for Virtual Machines?

Step 1. Log in to the Azure portal and go to Virtual Machines and choose the correct Machine

In this case, I’m adding tags for a Random Virtual Machine.

Step 2. Click on tags (The highlighted option).

Note. All values entered, from the tag to the value are case-sensitive and need to be lowercase. This will not work if there are any upper-case letters or any punctuation or numbers.

There are other tags like Deploymentscriptversion, IIS crypto, Ads, etc. which could vary from VM to VM. We can add these if it’s requested.

Step 3.

  1. Enter the customer code in the Name column and give the value as a 3-character code representing the customer’s name.
  2. Enter environmenttype in the Name section and enter the value as one of the following: Example: “prd”, “dev”, “tst”, “uat”.
    In this case, it’s dev.
  3. Enter If it’s IIS crypto or not.

Once all is done, recheck and click apply; if all details are entered correctly, it should be like below.

Tags in Azure Vm

Tags could vary as the way you want your VM’s to be tagged. Above is just an example of my take.