Agile PM Tools And Techniques ⚙️ (Sprint-3)


In the previous article, we have discussed the  top 5 Agile tools to use in order to practice Agile Methodology.

Now, we will discuss the remaining six popular tools which are user-friendly for ideal project management.

To handle quality product development and timely delivery, you need a a project management tool that meets your needs and can tackle software development projects smoothly with proper pricing plans.

Let’s discuss the most famous project management tools with their agile features and pricing plans.

JIRA, Zepel, Pivotal Tracker, Trello, Github Project Management, were introduced in the previous article, as Sprint-2. It’s time to move toward DONE, as Sprint-3 to go with other famous tools.

We will see now, Kanabanize, OrangeScrum, ActiveCollab, Backlog, Wrike, Sprintly in this article.


Kanabanize is cantered around Kanaban Board. What are the initiatives in our project? In this, it’s helpful to organize and manage work efficiently. The best function of Kanabanize is that we can break the card into small parts of a task that can be automated to go through a series of steps. If you are a client Service Company, as an e-commerce application, you have to love their time tracking feature and agile reports.

These are Agile features in Kanbanize,

  1. Kanban Boards
  2. WIP Limits
  3. Agile Reports


Free to $99 per month

Agile PM Tools And Techniques


Orangescrum is an open-source and cloud version tool for Agile project and task management software. Its basic selling purpose includes time, resources, and invoice management along with agile features.

Orangescrum allows your team to focus on all your projects and tasks when the team manages the resources. It helps the team to work united with a collaborating attitude such as file sharing. This makes it a great tool for service companies {like Amazon, Google} that have several clients.

These are Agile features in Orangescrum,

  1. Scrum Board
  2. Sprints
  3. Epic
  4. Task Management


Free to $109 per month. Ornagescrum also provides a self-hosted plan that has one-time payments in the range of $259 to $4,999.

Agile PM Tools And Techniques


ActiveCollab is used to make an effortless project planning to track your work in an agile process. It is quite easy to set up and configure statuses. There are some features like document management, budgeting, and invoices, which make our project outstanding and streamlined for the performance of your organization.

It is useful when you are working with multiple clients. It is also useful to set limited access to clients, so without giving entire access, they can relate with data.

These are Agile features in ActiveCollab,

  1. Kanban Board
  2. Labels
  3. Time Tracking


$4 per user per month to $7 per user per month

Agile PM Tools And Techniques


Nulab launched Backlog as an Agile management tool, which brings with it version control. It helps developers to manage the entire workflow in one place by using, the burndown charts, Git, and SVN repositories, with Wikis. It’s kind of an all-rounder in software development tools.

Its popular features like custom field and Gantt charts have made it easier for the team to organize and track work.

With the simple interface, it can be viewable, prioritize, and discuss all user stories at the same place. So, the progress is made or when someone is assigned a new task, the system generates a notification to inform everyone in your project.

These are Agile features in Backlog,

  1. Board
  2. Gantt Chart
  3. Custom field
  4. Task Hierarchy


Free to $175 per month

Agile PM Tools And Techniques


When we are planning for real-time visibility and team collaboration, Wrike is an ideal choice as an Agile project management tool for the entire team. By using the Gantt chart, the team works in an organized manner and streamline your collab process in the same place.

Wrike provides a multiple dashboards view, which displays projects that are due, overdue, due this week. So, we can customize it and add more dashboards for each project involving an agile software team.

These are Agile features in Wrike,

  1. Boards
  2. Dashboards
  3. Gantt Charts
  4. Reports


Free to $24.80 per user per month

Agile PM Tools And Techniques


Sprintly is a tool in agile project management that is used to see what your team is working on and what is finished right now. It is easier for StartUps and some agencies to access by giving them the total view of the team’s workflow.

Sprintly integrates with Github to allows the team to work from Github. If we would like to add more features we can collaborate with Zapier for more integration.

One of the biggest negative points on basis of customer reviews is that it doesn’t show due dates and no sprint view. So, untimely it goes slower which affects the team’s productivity and performances.

These are Agile features in Sprintly,

  1. Boards
  2. Reports
  3. Integrations
  4. Syntax Filters


$19 per month to $399 per month

Agile PM Tools And Techniques


These are some of the most popular Agile tools in 2021. With an in-depth view of the different boards with images and functions, software development teams can collaborate with the product owner accordingly to their requirements and cost-effective choices for project planning.