Airplane War 0.2

Released under the GNU license.

To this day (December 21th 2002), this is a very basic flight simulator designed in c# and directx 9 which was released yesterday. It is expected to be buggy but has enough information to allow you to learn about the new directx 9 managed code.

Please check this website for updates or if you want to help in future releases. We really need help for future releases, specially graphics and 3d designers.

I will be adding this project to sourceforge soon and the website will look nicer as soon as I get some free time.

This project uses

Direct3D, Direct3DX, DirectInput and DirectPlay so it should be a good introduction to dx9.

We need help for:

Sounds, we need some cool music, engine, guns and bombs sounds.

Airplanes, we need some cool 3d WWI airplanes that can render fast and look its best.

Hangars, a couple of hangars and small road where the airplanes will be kept and take off.

Landscape, I just got some heightmap created the mesh and applied the texture, a better landscape is more than welcome.

DirectInput joystick support help.

Physics help to improve the current airplanes movements.

In general any improvements are more than welcome.

Airplane Controls

0 to turn off engine
9 to turn on and full speed engine
Arrow keys to move around.

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