DirectX is a group of technologies designed for running and displaying applications rich in multimedia elements. Here you may find DirectX related articles and news.


  • ShootDraw: Managed DirectX Application Wizard

    The Managed DirectX Application Wizard has created this "ShootDDraw" project for you as a starting point.This file contains a summary of what you will find in each of the files that make up your project.
  • ExoEngine - A C# OpenGL 3D Engine

    For my fourth year computer graphics course I wrote a little 3D engine using C# and the .NET platform.
  • Creating Games With the AllegNet Game Library

    In this article I will show you the way of creating simple games with the AllegNet game library for .NET.
  • Generating 3D Scatter Plot using C# and DirectX

    The attached source code sample and article explains how to generate a 3D Scatter Plot using C# and DirectX.
  • Liquid Brain using Managed DirectX 9.0

    Liquid Brain is a Managed DirectX animated example of hexagonally close packed spheres.
  • Double Buffer Drawing with DirectDraw: Part1

    Because we will be primary focusing on 2D game programming in the first articles, we will use the DirectX7 API which is perfect for its DirectDraw class and simplicity. Don’t worry for not having the right DLL because DirectX8 has full backward compatibility to DirectX7 and the COM object should already be available on your computer if you have DirectX 8 installed.
  • Working With DirectDraw and Bitmap Images

    This month in the C-sharp DirectX column, we will be adding bitmap image support to our game engine.
  • Space Breakout - 2D Game Developed Using DirectX and C#

    GDI+ is a feature rich graphics API that makes sophisticated graphical effects highly accessible to the C# developers.
  • Nemesis-7rc1 (Codename Deviate)

    Nemesis-7 is a full-screen 2D shoot’em up that makes use of the DirectInput, DirectSound and DirectDraw interfaces from DirectX. The player controls a spaceship which he uses to duel the computer opponent. I implemented some artificial intelligence to make the CPU play more human.
  • Virtual Piano in C#

    In this application, the author shows you how to write a virtual piano using DirectDraw of DirectX 9.
  • Welcome to DX-Corner

    In this column we will explore the COM interoperability of DirectX and focus on game programming with C#.
  • BreakOut 3D

    I really miss those days when everything was simple and in 2D. But now it’s different, people today must have everything in 3D. So here it is, my version of breakout.
  • BuckyBalls: An Animated DirectX9 Demonstration

    BuckyBalls is an animated Managed DirectX demonstration. A buckyball, or fullerene, is a complex carbon molecule whose full name is buckminsterfullerene. The molecule contains 60 carbon atoms which form what is called a truncated icosahedron. It is shaped like a soccer ball or a geodesic dome, and is named after Buckminster Fuller, the inventor of the geodesic dome.
  • Building Isometric Applications

    The task is put to develop the three-dimensional graphic interface including visual stereocomponents (Stereo Vision compoNents), three-dimensional forms (Shapes) and isometric applications (Isometric Application). As means of development language C # and DirectX 9.0 has been chosen.
  • Building a Stereoscopic Application

    The task is to develop a stereoscopic applications including visual stereocomponents (Stereo Vision components). This stereoscopic application can be used in architectural visualization, engineering and scientific visualization, educational programs and entertaining programs. As means of the development language, C# and DirectX 9.0 have been chosen.
  • Using DirectX in Metro style apps

    In this video, Kam talks about how you can harness the power of DirectX for your app! As the foundation for all graphics on Windows 8, DirectX enables you to create the most compelling apps for connecting to people, visualizing information, storytelling, entertainment and creativity.
  • Became NVIDIA GPU Computing Developer & NVIDIA Partner

    One of my dreams came true! Im very very happy right now!!!
  • GDC 2010

    This year i wont be there,but next year yes!
  • Using True Vision to Create 3D DirectX Animation in C# and .NET

    This article will give you an easy way to create 3D animation using the True Vision Game Engine. True Vision wraps the DirectX framework for a more straightforward way of 3D game development in .NET.
  • Implement Microsoft DirectX Image Transformation Filters in ASP.NET 2.0

    This article describes an easy approach to creating custom Web controls used to display Microsoft DirectX Image Transformation filter effects in an ASP.NET 2.0 web page.
  • Movie Player using Managed DirectX

    The attached source code is a Movie Player written in C#, using Managed DirectX.
  • Playing AVI Files using DirectX 9 with C# and .NET

    Ever wonder how to play videos in .NET? This article will show you how to use the managed DirectX 9 Video class to play avi video files.
  • Airplane War 0.2

    This is a very basic flight simulator designed in c# and directx 9 which was released yesterday. It is expected to be buggy but has enough information to allow you to learn about the new directx 9 managed code.