An Overview Of Vue.js

The introduction of Vue has made the development process smooth and easy. It is lightweight, flexible, and offers high performance. Moreover, it also comes with a pack of great tools. It also has efficient state management and routing options.

Apart from this, it comes with ready-to-use plug-ins. Hence, it also boosts the speed of development. These are some reasons why most of the mobile apps development companies prefer Vue.

Let's discuss it in detail,

Lightweight platform

What is the reason for the success of a JavaScript framework? One of the reasons is its size. More people will prefer it if the size of the JavaScript is small.

The same is applicable for the Vue.js. It is small in size. Its small size has made it the most preferred platform for web application development. If we talk about the size of the platform, its size is approximately 18–21KB.

The benefit of its small size is it takes no time for the users to download and use it. It is much better than most of the large frameworks such as React.js, Angular.js, Ember.js, etc.

If we compare it with the other frameworks, it is among the smallest ones.

It is easy to understand

Vue.js is easy to understand. It is one of the reasons for its popularity. Due to the simple structure of the Vue.js, users can add Vue.js to their web projects easily.

Moreover, it also enables users to develop both small as well as large scales templates. This process saves a lot of time for the developers.

If any problem arises, developers can trace the blocks with errors without much difficulty, thanks to its simple structure which makes this process possible.

Simple Integration

Vue.js works on JavaScript. Due to this, the framework lets the web developers integrate with the other applications built on JavaScript. It is the reason why it is useful for developing new web applications as well as altering the pre-existing ones.

Detailed Documentation

The detailed documentation makes building an application more manageable. Hence, developers mostly like to use the framework with full documentation.

The Vue.js offers detailed documentation. It makes the platform comfortable for the developers. Moreover, it is also useful for the developers who have a little knowledge about the JavaScript and HTML.

The platform lets new developers develop their application or web page quickly.


Vue.js also offers high flexibility. It lets the users write their templates in various files. For example, HTML files, JavaScript files, pure JavaScript files, etc. Users can write templates in different files by using virtual nodes.

This flexibility makes it easy to understand for other developers too, for example, developers of React.js, Angular.js, and any other new JavaScript framework. Vue.js is a useful platform for the development of simple applications that run directly from browsers.

js offers a quick learning curve

Most of the developers agree that the Vue.js is one of the most comfortable frameworks to learn. They also agree that one can master it in less time as compared to other ones. In the beginning, you need a few lines of JavaScript. If you know the HTML language, it is an added advantage.

One of the most significant advantages of Vue.js is it is a cost-effective platform. If you want to hire a Vue developer for your project, you can employ them under your budget.

The Ecosystem

Vue offers a well-defined ecosystem. It lets developers find the solution to a problem quickly. Hence, it saves a lot of time for the developers. Moreover, it offers the same solutions for most projects. Thus, it is easier for the beginners.

Command Line Interface (CLI)

Another reason why it is the most popular platform is the Command Line Interface (CLI). The Vue team developed the CLI. It saves initial project setup time. Moreover, the CLI makes it easy to start a new project.

It offers seamless SPA development

The SPA stands for Single Page Applications. The Vue also supports the third party libraries. Therefore, it is an ideal platform to develop SPAs (Single Page Applications).

Architecture and Performance

Vue uses the virtual DOM approach. The virtual DOM makes the computation process inexpensive. That's why it lets you quickly create the updates.

js VS React.js

Vue and React both have many features in common. For example, they both use Virtual DOM. The programming language is the factor which differs for both these platforms.

React uses JSX code. On the other hand, Vue uses JavaScript. JSX is an advanced JavaScript. Hence, it is not comfortable for beginners.

Apart from this, React has a broader library than Vue. Hence, it takes a lot of time to learn React as compared to Vue.

Vue VS Angular2

The Angular2 uses Typescript. Typescript is a superset of JavaScript. Therefore, it offers a broad learning curve as compared to react. Besides this, Angular2 uses Regular DOM which makes it slower than Vue.

Hence, Vue is also ideal for the beginners as it offers a quick learning curve. But, if you are worried about the TypeScript, let me tell you that Vue also supports TypeScript.

In a nutshell

  • Vue offers flexibility to optimize HTML blocks. We can handle the HTML blocks by using different components.
  • Vue comes with detailed documentation which helps developers learn it fast. It also saves a lot of time for the developers.
  • Developers can build an app with Vue. Even they do not have the complete knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.
  • Vue is also a highly flexible framework. Developers can switch to Vue from other frameworks easily.
  • It also has an excellent integration. Therefore, it is usable for single page applications as well as for web interfaces of apps.
  • Compact size. Vue comes with a small size. It makes it easy to download and use.


Vue.js offers great flexibility. Also, it is easy to learn as compared to other languages. That's why Vue.js has won the hearts of a lot of developers. If you are a beginner Android app developer and are looking to develop a web application, you should prefer Vue.js.