Assign Domain To Application On AWS

Read the article below before you start with this article,

  1. Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  2. Deploying a Web Application to AWS

In the previous article, we deployed our application to AWS and reached the below screen with all event statuses. We are going to use its details in linking domain to our application.

So what detailed do we need to our domain to an AWS application? I have highlighted them on the below screen.

We require URL and Elastic IP (EIP),

  1. AWS application URL which we are going to use as CNAME in DNS management.
  2. We will be using EI as A record in DNS management.

Now go to GoDaddy – Your Domain – Manage DNS (For more information on this you can refer GoDaddy help).

Now on DNS Management screen update DNS records as per below.

  1. Enter EIP IP address from visual studio screen.
  2. Enter URL assigned to your application.

Just save the DNS record and give some time to GoDaddy to update DNS settings for you. It gets update within 24 hours to 48 hours maximum.

For your information – It took GoDaddy 5 minutes to update server for my site.

So once everything done, test your domain is configured or not. I have updated one of my domain and it worked. 

That’s all for now. Hope you will find it useful. Drop your feedback in the comments section. Your queries, questions, suggestions are always welcomed.

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