Introduction To Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Today, I am going to start with my journey of knowledge sharing and caring. This is the first article I am writing on C# Corner and hope you will like it.

While working on Microsoft Azure, I came to know about the competitors of Azure. The bigger one is Amazon Web Services also called as AWS. When I started digging more deely in AWS, I came to know the reliability, cost effectiveness and scope for developers to grow in the industry.

So first of all to get started we need to have AWS subscription. We can use Azure for a month as a trial the same  as AWS provides,  but it's for 12 months. This is something that attracts the beginners. We can try AWS free for 12 months with usage per month terms & conditions but I think the free usage is more than enough for personal website.

Introduction to AWS

You may get all the details about AWS on the internet so I am leaving all that to you and just pointing to some basics here.

  1. Analytics – “Quick Sight” is a business intelligence tool for analytical works. It’s easy to use by non-technical people also.

  2. IOT – It will allow us to connect devices & sensors to connect, receive data, analysis, and act on the processed data. AWS also provides rules based management of our devises.

  3. Security - Web Application Firewall (WAF) and AWS Inspector are the services AWS provides which helps administrators to set rules to application firewall and inspect the logs.

  4. Mobile - AWS Mobile Hub is backend for mobile applications to use common features like push notification, authentication etc.

  5. Data Transfer - AWS unveiled a new PC-Tower-sized storage appliance called “Snowball”. It’s introduced for large scale enterprises to transfer their data from their private servers to AWS cloud.

How to register for a free account.

Go to AWS website and click on create a free account.


Now fill the credentials


Fill in payment details. Here we have to fil in the credit card details. Note that Amazonis  not going to charge you for anything exceptif you exceed the per month free usage. You can see all the details on offer details on the page.


Once you fill all the details, to confirm the validity of card and details they will ask for transaction of nominal charges. I had been asked for payment of 2 rupees.

On next screen they will verify your phone number. Follow the instruction of website. Once verified it will show the below screen,


Now on next screen select the basic plan which is Basic (Free)


That’s all!!

We have just register for AWS account now you can access to AWS Manage console by clicking on Launch Manage Console,


Here you have a whole world of AWS to explore.

That’s all for this article. Inthe next article I will be sharing my experience and learning with you. Until  that time drop your queries and suggestions in  the comments section. Thank you!

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