Azure Automation: Assets - Schedules - Unlink Runbooks

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Let’s see how to unlink the Runbook with the Schedule.

Navigate to the Automation Account by clicking the required Automation account.


Click the “Runbooks” tile, as shown in the above screenshot to view all the Runbooks. Click on any one of the available Runbooks in the Azure Automation account, as shown below:

As soon as you click on the Runbook, you will be taken to the “Essentials” tab of the selected “Runbook”, as shown below:


Click the “Schedules” tile, which will take you to the “Schedules” blade, where you can view the schedules, associated with the Runbook, as shown below:

Click the “Schedule” to unlink from this Runbook. It will display all the details of the selected schedule, as shown below:


Click the “More” link, which will show a popup, as shown below:


Now, click the “Unlink” button of the above popup to unlink the schedule to the current Runbook. Before actually unlinking the schedule, it will show you a confirmation popup, as shown below:


Click the “YES” button of the above popup to complete the operation. That’s it. You have successfully unlinked a schedule with a Runbook. Below is the updated Schedules listing of the selected Runbook.


Hope you enjoyed the article about unlinking the Schedule from the Runbook. Your feedback is highly appreciated.