Azure Cost Management

Azure Cost Management is a set of tools and features provided by Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing platform, to help organizations effectively monitor, manage, and optimize their costs and spending in the Azure cloud. It provides insights and visibility into how resources are utilized and helps businesses make informed decisions to optimize their cloud spending and control costs.

Azure Cost Management offers several key features and capabilities, including,

Cost tracking and analysis

Azure Cost Management provides detailed visibility into resource usage and costs across Azure services. It allows organizations to track and analyze their spending on Azure resources, such as virtual machines, storage accounts, databases, etc. Users can view cost breakdowns by resource, service, region, or subscription and analyze costs over time to identify spending trends and patterns.

Budgeting and alerts

Azure Cost Management enables organizations to set budgets for their Azure spending and sends alerts when spending exceeds the defined thresholds. Budgets can be set at various levels, such as subscription, resource group, or resource, and customized based on specific criteria, such as time period, spending amount, or usage. This helps organizations proactively monitor their spending and take actions to stay within budget.

Cost optimization recommendations

Azure Cost Management recommends optimising costs based on usage patterns and historical data. These recommendations include rightsizing virtual machines, deleting unattached storage accounts, optimizing reserved instances, and using Azure Hybrid Benefit, among others. These recommendations help organizations identify and implement cost-saving opportunities to optimize their cloud spending.

Reporting and analysis

Azure Cost Management offers various pre-built reports and dashboards that provide detailed insights into Azure costs and usage. Users can generate reports to analyze spending trends, review cost breakdowns, and track budget utilization. Custom reports and dashboards can also be created to meet specific reporting requirements.

Integration with Azure Advisor

Azure Cost Management is integrated with Azure Advisor, which provides intelligent recommendations to optimize Azure resources for performance, security, and cost efficiency. The integration allows users to view and implement cost-related recommendations directly from the Azure Cost Management interface, making it easier to optimize costs based on actionable insights.

Multi-cloud cost management

Azure Cost Management supports multi-cloud cost management, allowing organizations to monitor and optimize costs across multiple cloud providers, including Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. This helps organizations get a holistic view of their cloud spending and optimize costs across different cloud platforms.

Cost allocation and chargeback

Azure Cost Management provides features for cost allocation and chargeback, allowing organizations to allocate costs to different departments, projects, or cost centers. This helps organizations track and attribute costs to different stakeholders, enabling accurate cost reporting, accountability, and chargeback mechanisms.

In summary, Azure Cost Management provides organizations with powerful tools and features to effectively monitor, manage, and optimize their costs and spending in the Azure cloud. It offers insights, recommendations, and reporting capabilities that help organizations make informed decisions, optimize costs, and stay within budget, ultimately helping them achieve cost-effective cloud operations.

Azure Cost Management also provides a command-line interface (CLI) that allows users to interact with the Cost Management service using command-line commands. The Azure CLI, a cross-platform command-line tool provided by Microsoft, can be used to perform various tasks related to Azure Cost Management. Here are some key command-line commands and examples for using Azure Cost Management:

Install Azure CLI

If you haven't installed Azure CLI, you can download and install it from the Azure CLI website (

Sign in to Azure

Before using Azure CLI for Cost Management tasks, you must sign in to your Azure account. You can do this by running the following command,

Get Cost Management information

You can use the following commands to get information about your Azure Cost Management account,

Set Cost Management budget

You can use the following commands to set a budget for your Azure spending,

Get Cost Management recommendations

You can use the following commands to get cost optimization recommendations from Azure Cost Management,

Generate cost reports

You can use the following commands to generate cost reports using Azure Cost Management:

Manage cost allocation and chargeback

You can use the following commands to manage cost allocation and chargeback in Azure Cost Management,


These are just some examples of the commands available for Azure Cost Management via the command-line interface. The Azure CLI documentation provides more detailed information on the available commands.